Status Monitoring using

Cable Modems

CableWare's NetInformer

The NetInformer connects to your cable modem using the 10baseT connection. It has an RS-485 programmable port that allow it to communicate with up to 8 devices (power supplies). If you have two or more supplies at one location the cost savings are enormous! Here are some of it's features:

  • Local serial port for setting Internet properties

  • Flash memory for remote field updates if needed

  • 10baseT Ethernet port

  • A programmable RS-485 serial ports for monitoring up to 8 power supplies or HUB site equipment.

  • Front panel LED's display Ethernet and serial port status

  • Switcher power supply for wide, low power, input voltage (30-60 volts)

Before trying the actual online system, please download the PDF information sheet by right clicking HERE.


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