Infrared Status Monitoring


A Time Warner Technician uses the IRC-1205 infrared "gun" to read the status of his Alpha standby power supply.



The Infrared status monitoring system uses invisable light (infrared) to send information to the service technician. Most of the time spent by the technician is from tracking down intermittants and getting to the unit and opening it up. If the problem is an intermittent one, the technician may have to spend several hours waiting for the problem to occur.



Infrared Receiver "Gun"


The IRC-1205 Infrared Receiver gun is designed to receive data from many types of equioment with Cableware Logic Cards installed. Now the cable technician can stop near a power supply or trunk amplifier and read it's status without having to get out of the truck!

Simple but sophisticated was the design goal for the IRC-1205 informer computer. You do not have to be a computer genius to operate this unit. The computer has only ten push buttons and with a menu just above the buttons the operator just pushes the button corresponding to the function he wants.

Readings from 1,000 power supplies can be saved into memory and later can be downloaded to an IBM type computer for printing or logging.

Complete IRC-1205 Manual in PDF Format

Fully Functional IBM Download Software